Gantry Dual Loaders

Gantry Robot Dual Loaders

CHIN MINN TWO loaders vs. TWO lathes Gantry Robot CM-V22-34


This Chin Minn dual gantry loader is designed with flexible arrangement, stable movement, and positioning accuracy. It is suitable with various kinds of production line, such as CNC lathes and machine tools etc. Two and two mean two gantry loaders vs. two CNC lathes, which two lathes can work at the same time for saving time and labor. This gantry robot is the best equipment for stable performance on continuous parts loading to achieve high productivity.

A sensor is assembled to make sure gripper is stable. Also, servo control system increases positioning accuracy and stability. Chin Minn automatic gantry type pick and place robot is easy to operate. It takes advantage of multi-machine operation to bring down the number of operators and continuous workpiece feeding procedure increases production capacity. Grippers and collecting table are customized according to workpiece dimension.


  • Excellent Performance:Fast, Efficient, and Stable
  • Advantage:Multi-machine operation
  • Accuracy:Precise positioning
  • Flexibility:Workpiece supply table is customized according to workpiece dimension

Dual Gantry Robot:

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