Gantry Single Loader

Gantry Robot Single Loader

ONE gantry loader to ONE CNC lathe Gantry Robot

Model: CM-V11-33

Gantry Robot applies linear motion on X, Y, and Z axis. It performs automatic pick-and-place movement to allow continuous workpiece feeding and unloading procedure in between CNC lathes and supply table. One to one mean: one loader vs. one CNC lathe to perform automatic parts feeding and unloading.

The automatic gantry loader operates in high speed and non-stop operation for CNC lathes and machine tools production lines. Multi-machine operation takes advantage on saving time and allowing operator to handle more than one machine at a time.

It is designed with a device to signal operator the status at supply table, which remind the timing of loading new/raw materials and collecting machined parts. Lastly, servo control increases stability and precise positioning.


  • Excellent Performance ~ Fast, Efficient, and Stable
  • Advantage ~ Multi-machine operation
  • Accuracy ~ Precise positioning
  • Flexibility ~ Workpiece supply table is customized according to workpiece dimension

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