Automatic Slides Assembly Machine

Automatic Slides Assembly Machine

automatic drawer slides assembly machine

Product Name : Automatic drawer slides Assembly Machine

Manufacturing Process:

Ball Cage  Middle Rail  Middle rail Plug → Assembled piece of Middle rail, plastic strips, and Outer Rail assembled together → Outer rail Plastic Plug

This Automatic ball slide assembly machine consists of 4 major sections:

  • Section A

    Assembly ball cage, steel balls, middle rail, and dispense grease on middle rail.

  • Section B

    Insert plug at end of middle rail.

  • Section C

    Assemble plastic strips and middle rail with outer rails

  • Section D
    • 1.Bend end piece on the outer rail.
    • 2.Insert plastic plug on the bent end piece of outer rail.

This automatic drawer channel assembly machine is for 3-section drawer slides assembly. After middle and outer rails are assembled, insert inner rail manually to test the smoothness of the completed product. 

telescopic slides of furniture fittings

Cross Section of 3-Piece Ball Slide Rails

multiple hole punching slides

3-Piece Ball Slide Rails


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